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List & Sell Boat Friendly Real Estate On BoatPickers

List & Sell Boat Friendly Real Estate On BoatPickers has just been let loose in the wild this year and it’s refreshingly focused smack-bang on lifestyle purchases. If you’re one for thinking outside the box, then this new advertising platform will be right up your street!

Listing & Selling Real Estate Online is nothing new, in fact, it’s one of the biggest growth areas in 2021, so… what does a new Marine focused Marketplace have to do with selling Property?

People that own Boats, usually need homes to put them in, and not just homes either! There are literally hundreds of associated industries surrounding Boating that BoatPickers cater for…something the Marine Industry in general has been lacking in an online Platform until now… – List & Sell Anything Marine

The best part about BoatPickers is the pricing. You can list unlimited Boat Friendly Property, Boats & Bits, Fishing Gear, Jobs, Trades & Services & More for Free…(no joke)

With some Boats already listing for way more money than most people pay for Real Estate…you can be assured, there are plenty of people visiting the platform willing to throw big coin around on their lifestyle, and it could be a perfect place to target Real Estate buyers looking for their “Lifestyle Property” to fit with their Boating & Fishing interests…

BoatPickers don’t charge commissions or percentage of sale either, No Pay-Per-Lead or any of that nonsense! Buyers come direct to you by putting your direct phone number and website links in every Ad. You can post standard Free Ads or get yourself a staggeringly inexpensive BoatPickers Featured listing… starting from $6 for 30 Days up to $50 for a 12 Month listing. (See pricing below)

Any Digital Marketer worth their salt will tell you that exploiting a new niche as an early adopter can pay off big time!

Statistics show Boating & Fishing accounts for a $10 Billion Industry in Australia alone and that’s not including all the associated industries. With over 5.8 Million Boaties & Fisho’s hitting the water each year… one of the per-requisites for any keen Boatie or Fish’o when buying a home or holiday house, usually includes room for the Boat…

It doesn’t take an Einstein to realise some of Australia’s most Prestigious Property is owned by people who lover their Boating & Fishing… so it would stand to reason that advertising Property directly to Boaties & Fisho’s through a dedicated Marine Marketplace all of a sudden makes perfect sense… has been developed over the last 12 Months to create a different proposition than the current Market offerings and is now unleashing around Australia with over 318,000 Ad views already (at the time of writing this article).

With continuous refinements being made to the platform…BoatPickers is setting the stage to become the one of the hottest listing platforms the Marine Industry has seen in over a decade!

BoatPickers CEO Andrew Turnbull explains:

If you’re looking for a unique way to market your Boat Friendly Property Listings…jump on a register for Free on today and start listing immediately!

Of course, it’s important to keep property listings in theme with the platform. Waterfront Canal Homes, Harbourfront Homes with Boat Moorings, Properties with Big Sheds or side access geared toward owning a Boat, Commercial Property in well known Marine Precinct’s etc…

Another cool thing to point out is, owners can also list Boating & Fishing Friendly Rentals, Holidays or B&B Stays that are set up for Boaties & Fisho’s too…

Pricing on BoatPickers is super inexpensive. Unlike other “Boats for Sale” type websites that are focused on Boat Listings alone, BoatPickers has over 527 Categories to list in, and has been designed to spread the cost of Ad posting so they dont need to charge users big money for posting a single Ad, in fact a standard 30 Day Ad on BoatPickers with 4x Images is Free!

Free Ads: 30 Days
4x Images, Description, Website Link, Direct Phone Number
Re-list Expired Free Ads for only = $3 Bump-Up Live Free Ads to the top of the Listings = $3

Featured Ads:
30 Day Featured Ad = $6
60 Day Featured = $10
90 Day Featured =$15
180 Day Featured = $30
365 Day Featured = $50

Featured Ads include:
20x Images, Video, Description, Phone Number, Website Link, List above Free Ads.
Re-list Expired Featured Ads = Original Cost of your Featured Ad
Bump Up Featured Ads to the top of the Listings = $6

Featured Ad Packs:
Buy a 3x Featured Ad Pack = $25 (Save $5)
Buy a 7x Featured Ad Pack = $60 (Save $10)
Buy a 40x Featured Ad Pack = $350 (Save $50)

Unlimited Listing Accounts
Post Unlimited 30 or 60 Day Featured Ads for
3 Months = $500
6 Months = $900
12 Months = $1500

Unlimited Accounts come with Unlimited Free Re-lists:

If you need to find out more, drop the team at BoatPickers and e-mail on [email protected] and they will be happy to help you start listing you Boat Friendly Real Estate / Land / Commercial Property.

What are you waiting for…Register for Free now and get your “Boat Friendly” listing up Today!

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