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BoatPickers Listing Features

Unlimited Free Ads on BoatPickers..Spread the word…

We think its important to allow free Ads for the entire Fishing & Boating community. It’s how we roll! Not all products or Items warrant a huge spend on advertising, so, by allowing free Ads, we give access to all those products and Items that you may have never had access to before.

Free Standard Ads…
Free Standard Ads list for 30 Days. The first 4x Images are Free. We have allowed the Ad to be upgraded as you build it, to include up to 20x additional images for only $3 and the ability to include a Video for an additional $3.  To use you’re Free Ads, simply register for free and Post an Ad. You will not be charged.

Re-List Expired Ads for $3
On the day your Ad expires, you will get an automated e-mail offering to extend and re-list your current Ad for an additional 30 Days for only $3. This will save you having to type out another Ad.

Once your Ad expires, It can be found in your “Expired Ads” Tab in your user dashboard. You can re-list any expired Ads at will.

$3 Bump Up Ads…
$3 Bump Up Ads is a cool feature that allows you to Bump Up live Ads, back to the top of  the category. This can be handy when a category is crowded and you want you’re Ad noticed and you want more views.

Bump Up’s from free ads will not push above Featured Ads,  they will appear after the last Featured Ad in your category. This is to ensure our Featured Ad customers get what they pay for.

Bumping up a Featured Ad will put you’re Ad back on top, above other Featured Ads.

Featured Ads…
Featured Ads are designed to properly show-off a Boat, Item, Product or Service.

Featured Ads can display up to 20x Images, and Video can be linked from
YouTube, Vimeo or other services. Make sure your Video is uploaded to one of these services first, so you can share it in your BoatPickers Ads!

Featured Ads start form only $6 for Ads that run for 30 Days. You can also choose a longer running  Ad, like a 2 Month, 3 Month, 6 Month or 12 Month listing, so you can concentrate on business and let the Ad do it’s thing.

Longer running ads will also be automatically “Featured Ads” and include up to 20x Images and Video. This is Ideal if you have a Service, Event, Item or Product you want to run for longer periods. You can also post Boats or other items for longer periods by choosing these longer running Ads.

Featured Ad Packs…
All Featured Ad Packs are base on our 2 Month running Featured Ads and will run for 60 Days Each.

When posting a new Ad, you can choose to use one form your Pack……or post a free Ad…’s totally up to you!

If you want to post Ads in a few different categories or you have a heap of different Items and products that fall into different categories, you might like to buy a Featured Ad Pack of 3x Ads, 7x Ads or even 40x Ads, so you can place a Featured listing at the top of the categories that best suit your items.

The Ads won’t expire until you use them up and they run for their listing time. You can save even more money buy buying these Ad packs over individual Featured Ads.

$6 Auction Ads…
You can now list any Products or Items for “Auction” in a totally new Automated Auction system we have created. There are no percentages of sale commissions to BoatPickers. It is an upfront cost of only $6 to run your Ad. You keep the profits.

You can choose how long your Auction will run for within a 60 Day period and you can set the hour and minute the Auction will end.

You set your Reserve Price! No bids will be accepted under this reserve.
No bids will be accepted if they are under the last highest Bid either.

This allows site users to submit Bids of what they are willing to pay for your Boat, Product or Item. Users will be able to follow and get notified on the Bids also, so they can decide when to place a higher Bid.

On setting up your Auction Ad, You can put your PayPal email address in the Ad System so the Winning Bidder can pay you immediately and you can post the item, product etc to the winner, who will provide their postal address info.

The Ad will display with a countdown timer and we have created a dedicated filter on the site so browsers can filter “Auction Ads” only around the country or in their state.

When the Auction ends, all Bidders and Followers are notified.

The Winner will also receive the Seller e-mail address so an arrangement to pay and pick up the item or product can be arranged.

Partner Logo’s or Banner Ad Placements…
BoatPickers have the ability to place featured Partner Logos and Banner Ads directly under all Ads posted on BoatPickers!

Our smart Geo-location placement tool allows us to show your Banner Ads in isolated Categories, Display to people in an isolated locations or, we can open them up to display across the entire platform for maximum reach. (Contact us for Pricing).

Contact us to find out more about Partnering or Advertising on BoatPickers.

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