BoatPickers Featured Blogs – Advertise Here.

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BoatPickers Featured Blogs – Advertise Here.


BoatPickers Featured Blogs.
We are pleased to announce the release of our new BoatPickers Featured Blogs Page.

As you know…the way people search for information has changed. They want instant results and instant gratification!
People are more time-poor than ever, and look too online resources for finding information about all the things their interested in, when it interest’s them!

If they want to know about certain Marine Electronics, a particular Boat Review, Specs on an Outboard or about a Marine Trade…they will more than likely search for it online first!

The research shows us that people searching for leisure items especially, tend to do it in their own spare time…either before Work..on the way to Work or late at night once all the kids are fed and in bed…and 90% of the time… their first port of call, is the Google search bar…

Any online Marketer worth their weight, will tell you that Blogging is one of the single most powerful resources to spread the word about your Business, Items, Services and Products because the content never dies…

To have your Item, Products or Services featured on unrelated websites to your own even more powerful and will quickly drag your Brand, Items & Products up the Google rankings faster than blogging on your own website alone.

Unlike expensive Magazine article’s that only really stay relevant for the month it’s issued…a Blog is a live document..and can be constantly edited…shared…and looked up, even years after it has been written. We can have your Blog, featuring your Products, Services or Items up and available to view within hours, not weeks or months…

The content in Blogs is super search friendly (text), meaning Google and other internet providers constantly scan the text in Blogs that relate to people’s searches…either about your Business, a certain product or item that you sell or about reviews…. This is where the power of Blogging really shines!

At BoatPickers, we are more aware of this than most. Our new Featured Blog will be purely dedicated to our Customers write-ups about their Item, Products, Business, Service, Travel, Boats, Motors or anything that falls under the Fishing and Boating Classifications on the BoatPickers Website.

You can provide us the content with Editorial, Images and Video (Must be linked to YouTube or Vimeo) or we can create the content for you.

We already have companies booking in Blogs with us. If you would like to have a Blog featured on the BoatPickers website…we are taking bookings now.

Featured Blogs on BoatPickers will be $1000 although, for the first 15 Blogs booked…we are offering this service for $500. We already have 3.

Please contact us at with the Subject “Blog Me” to get the 50% discount.


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