Learn About BoatPickers – Free Classifieds for Fishing & Boating

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Learn About BoatPickers – Free Classifieds for Fishing & Boating

What is BoatPickers?
BoatPickers is a brand new Classifieds website exclusively for the Boating & Fishing Industry and it’s Free to Advertise. The site generates revenue from upgraded featured listings, banner placements, finance inquiries, bump up ads and longer running ads…The platform has changed the game for the Marine Industry in its concept!

The site was created to fill a huge gap in the industry between Gumtree, MarketPlace & Boat Sales. You can’t Advertise Marine Trades & Services, Parts, Electronics or Fishing Gear etc on Boat Sales and it’s expensive (they forgot about the Marine Trades & Fisho’s)…and Gumtree & MarketPlace are not specific to the Marine Industry…and their starting to charge bigger money too…

BoatPickers has been hailed as a breath of fresh air for both the Fishing & Boating industries because it allows anyone to advertise their Products, Marine Trades, Items, Boats and virtually anything you can think of relating to the Fishing & Boating industry….creating a one-stop-shop for everything Boating & Fishing…

The site was designed by Australian, Andrew Turnbull, who saw a massive opportunity to fill a much needed gap in the Classifieds Ads space, where no other website was catering to the entire industry, all in one platform!

It makes perfect sense really… If you fish, you need fishing gear, rods, lures etc, and…you probably want a Boat at some stage..and, if you already have a Boat…you probably need to buy fittings & fixtures and maintain the Boat also, maybe even a new Boat Trailer or Electronics…but outside Social Media (which is changing rapidly to a pay-to-reach model), there aren’t many places dedicated to buying & selling these item categories in one place, especially for free, in a platform purely designed for advertising them!

Andrew decided this was the perfect opportunity to bring Everything Fishing & Boating together in one site and allow anyone, private or commercial, to post free Ads…making it a compelling platform for everyone involved!

Andrew said “We know we have a long way to go…and the site is only new and many things will be improved over time, although the basic idea is up an running and now we will dedicate out time a resources to improving the user experience and marketing the site so people know it’s here…”

Andrew is no stranger in the fishing & boating industry. As the former owner and founder of Gobblers Lures Australia, Andrew is a keen boatie, fisherman and fishing lure maker & found huge success using Social Media to spread the word about Gobblers Lures over the last 7 years. Andrew sold Gobblers to Wayne & Julie Palmer in July 2019 to focus purely on BoatPickers…

The name of the site “BoatPickers” gives you the sense that is very targeted toward people who hunt around, high and low for a great deal on a new or used boat and all the bits and pieces that go with it…

The name needed to be simple but explain what the site is about and “BoatPickers” seemed an obvious choice for a Classifieds website targeted toward Boat Sales, Fishing & the Marine Industry.

BoatPickers gives the private and commercial advertiser not only a place to list their new or used Boats, but other items such as Fishing Gear, Outboards or Marine Trades & Services etc… for no cost…making it a no-brainier to use the platform…

The list of categories on offer is mind boggling. There are literally hundreds you can list in, and some you would have never thought to include like Pontoon Maintenance, Marine Art, Taxidermy, Naval Architecture, Boat Designers, Consulting etc….

Andrew said “How many sites can you find that cater not only for Boat Sales, but Marine Trades & Services, Fishing Charters, Boat Hire, Boat Licensing Providers, Boat Finance & Insurance, Fishing Tuition, Chandlery etc all in one site? ” Not many if any…and are they free to Advertise?” None that I could find…”

So why BoatPickers? Why now?
The Industry desperately needs it! Advertising can be super expensive and, in this day and age, there is no need for it to be such a huge hurdle.
Andrew also found out that many of his industry associate contacts who Made Lures, Owned Fishing Charters and Marine Trade Business, were starting to struggle with Social Media since Platforms like Facebook have changed to a Pay-to-Reach Model… It’s just not like it was 2 years ago…or even a year ago…it has tightened up on Business posts significantly with a huge push to make users pay by restricting their organic reach…

It’s fairly evident the days of free traffic are coming to a screeching halt for those business owners that were relying on Social Media to advertise their business for free.

Andrew said “I had well known industry professionals calling me to discuss if I was finding it hard to get any traction on Social Media anymore… My reply was yes…my sales had dropped by at least half, if not more… because my posts were being automatically monitored and in some cases, removed or blocked if I didn’t pay to Boost them.” It was a hot topic of conversation that quickly led away from the usual Fishing chat, to questions like “Have Facebook removed any of your posts recently?” or “I swear no new people are seeing any of my page posts anymore…unless they actually visit my page!”

So where too now? Where can Commercial and Private advertisers, wanting to Buy & Sell new & used Marine related items or advertise their business go, to get a fair go? BoatPickers is now one such avenue…

Advertising Options
You can post as many Ads for Free on BoatPickers as you like..actually..we encourage it! Free Ads last for 30 Days, Include 4x Images only. There is the option to build up you’re Free Ad to include up to 20x more Images for $3 and Add in 1x Video for $3.  Just make sure you have your Video uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo etc… to share the link.

BoatPickers also have $6 Featured Ads which last for 30 Days and give you 20x Images and 1x Video as standard, and they also list in key areas around the BoatPickers site, including the home page. Users can post Ads from 30 Days up to 12 Months. A 12 Month Featured Ad with 20 Images & Video is only $50.

You can also Auction any Items you have across any of the categories available on BoatPickers. This very cool automated Auction platform is simple to use and updates bidders and followers along the entire duration of the Auction.

You really couldn’t ask for a more versatile site. “The site is cheap as chips, easy and targeted” Andrew said. “Advertise as much as you like for free..but if you want that little extra…it’s not going to break the bank.” We wanted a platform where anyone could buy and sell!

Compare that to the leading Boat Sales websites in the USA and Australia for example…and you will soon see why BoatPickers stand head and shoulders above the competition, unless your comfortable paying upwards of $160 to list for 12 weeks or even $110 for only 6 weeks…and where do they cater for the Marine Trades & Services?

If you’re a Boat Dealer…you might even be charged $35 + per lead on other sites, even if the person is only inquiring about your business opening times…Why would you continue to throw money away? People browsing BoatPickers can be directed to your Website and you can even display your Phone Number in BoatPickers Ads and have people contact you directly..instead of through a funneling system that charges you to be issued leads…

The game really has changed for the better with BoatPickers… Ebay and Amazon seller fees certainly add up too, for those of you who make a business out of selling Lures, Rods, Reels and other items etc on these platforms. The great news is…you no longer have to worry about any of these ongoing costs…post for free as much as you like on BoatPickers without the clip on sales! It’s a breath of fresh air for both industries….

“The only thing left to do now is let people know about the site and let them know they can advertise for free on BoatPickers” Andrew said. The more people post their ads and fill up the categories…the more traffic the site will attract, making it a powerful resource for everyone involved…

No Matter what you Sell or do in the Marine Industry….BoatPickers is designed for you!

If there are any categories you think we may have missed on the platform…simply message us and we can get it loaded into the site for you.

If you have a Boat for Sale, Marine Trade Business, want to get rid of that old Rod & Reel that has been sitting in the shed for years untouched, or advertise your Social Media Pages, Promote your Website, Tell the world about you new Marine focused App or advertise your Fishing Charter, Holiday House for Rent, Post a Job or hundreds of other things you could think of….give it a try…post your ads up for Free on BoatPickers today!

Built for the Industry by people from the industry!

The choices are now all yours… Hook In!
Australia – www.BoatPickers.com.au

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