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Advertise with us

Advertise with us

Ways to Advertise on BoatPickers

Free Ads

All commercial & private sellers can list unlimited Boats, Items, Products Trades or Services for Free on BoatPickers. Free Ads come with 4x Images, Direct Phone Number, Website or Product Links, Description & Location.

Free Ads list for 30 Days then expire. You can re-list expired Free Ads for only $3 to save you typing out a new one.

We have allowed Free Ads to be upgraded as you build it, to include up to 20x images for only $3 and the ability to include a Video for only $3. To use your Free Ads, simply register for free and Post An Ad. You will not be charged.

Featured Ads

Featured Ads are designed to properly show-off a Boat, Item, Product, Trade
or Service with up to 20x Images & Video and they list above all Free Ads and
showcase on the Home Page and on everyone’s Dashboard to guarantee
more views.

Featured Ads are extremely affordable and start from only $6 for 30 Days.
You can also choose a longer running Ads, like 2 Months,3 Months, 6 Month
or 12 Month listings, so you can concentrate on business and let the Ad
remain live on the site to do its thing. Bump-Up’s from Free Ads will not push
above Featured Ads, they will appear after the last Featured Ad in the listings.

This is to ensure our Featured Ad customers get the best exposure.Bumping
up a Featured Ad will put your Ad back on top, above all other Free &
Featured Ads.

Bump-Up Ads

Bump-Up Ads is a cool feature that allows you to Bump-Up live Ads, back to
the top of the listings. This can be handy when a category is crowded and you
want the top position to get more views.

A Free Ad will not bump over the top of any Featured Ads. It will bump up to
the top of the free Ads in the category…directly under the last Featured Ad.
A Featured Ad will Bump-Up over all free & featured Ads, back to the very
top of all the listings.

Re-List Expired Ads

On the day your Ad expires, you will get an automated e-mail offering to
extend and re-list your expired Ad. Your Ad will re-list for the original cost
and listing time you originally picked to run that Ad unless you edit it to be
different. This will save you losing your content and having to type out
another Ad. Your Ad will Re-list back to the top of the listings.

All Expired Ads can be found in your “Expired Ads” Tab in your user
dashboard. You can edit and re-list any expired Ads whenever you like.

Featured Ads Packs

If you want to post Ads in a few different categories or you have a heap of
different Items or products to list, you might like to buy a Featured Ad Pack of
3x Ads, 7x Ads or even 40x Ads, so you can place a Featured listing at the top
of the categories that best suit your items. The Ads won’t expire until you use
them up and they run for their listing time. You can save even more money by
buying these Ad Packs over individual Featured Ads.

All Featured Ad Packs are based on our $10, 60 Day Featured Ads meaning,
every Ad in your pack will run for 60 Days Each and allow you to include up to
20x Images and Video. The pack will not expire until you use the last Ad in
your pack. You can save money by buying these Ad packs over individual
Featured Ads.

Auction Ads

Items, Products or even Services can be Auctioned on BoatPickers. You can
choose how long your Auction will run for and you can set the hour and
minute the Auction will end. You set your Reserve Price! No bids will be
accepted under this reserve. No bids will be accepted if they are under the
last highest Bid either.

This allows site users to submit Bids of what they are willing to pay for your
Boat, Product or Item. Users will be able to follow and get notified on the Bids also, so they can decide when to place a higher Bid. When the auction ends, all Bidders and Followers are notified. The Winner & Seller will receive each other’s details to make arrangements to pay or pick up the item.

Unlimited Listing Packs

Choosing an Unlimited Listing Pack on BoatPickers is the ultimate freedom.

You Pack allows you to choose either 30 Day or 60 Day Ad run times. You can also run Unlimited Auction Ads.

You can post Unlimited Featured Ads for as long as your Pack lasts, either 3 Months, 6 Months or 12 Months.

You also get Unlimited free Re-lists for every expired Ad, as long as your Unlimited Pack is active. This saves you typing up new Ads and gets them back up on the site in a single click after they expire.