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Marine Affair – Detailing and Anti-fouling

  • Marine Affair – Detailing and Anti-fouling
Type : Service
Date : Nov 12, 2021
Condition : Trade or Services
State : Queensland

Utilising the Boat Masters 75-ton ship lift, Marine Affair offers a comprehensive vessel haul-out and hard stand service for timber and fiberglass powerboats and sailing yachts up to a maximum of 60 feet.

The Detailing Process

Marine Affair provide quality boat detailing, interior and exterior cleaning plus regular monthly routine maintenance. Whether it’s restoring your boats shine, or repairing ripped or faded seats, Marine Affair can help. We know that skis and boats require special handling and treatment, and only use specialised marine products that are designed to protect your jet skis / boats from the harsh ocean elements such as sand, sun, and salt water.

We have an experienced team that can provide detailing services from the works upturning everything on your vessel and cleaning it from top to bottom, right through to a quick wash on a regular basis. We use only the top-of-the-line products when providing a detailed service.

 The Antifouling Process

If you’re unable to deliver your boat to us, we can arrange for pickup from your location – whether that’s Hope Island and surrounding areas, or somewhere else entirely.

Using the Travel-lift your vessel is lifted, and high pressure washed to clean most of the organic growth. The hull is inspected, and all inlets/outlets are cleaned. Often overlooked, a very important part of the antifoul process is the thorough inspection, and cleaning of the leg (if your vessel is stern driven.) It’s crucial to Clean and remove all contaminate from the leg, focusing special attention to the most vulnerable parts of the Stern Drive Leg. Excessive growth around the bellows can lead to premature failure, causing sea water to enter the area between the gimbal bearing on the transom and rear leg bearing. This can lead to failure and seizure to many related components.

The hull is then sanded to prepare for the application of the antifoul. Anodes are placed back on the vessel or replaced if required. After the manufacturers recommended cure time, the vessel is lifted back into the water and is ready for delivery. We can deliver the boat back to you if required.

The antifoul application can last between 12-18 months without having to reapply. The long-lasting nature means that you’ll get more than a year with the peace of mind your boat is being taken care of with effective protection.

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