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Welcome to the new BoatPickers Classifieds…

BoatPickers is a brand new Classifieds platform, purely dedicated to the Boating & Fishing Industry and it has been hailed as a breath of fresh air for anyone why Buys & Sells Marine!

Most of the current leading industry websites can be quite expensive, and either cater to Boat Sales or Boat Services, but none of them cater for Trades & Services, Fishing Gear and Boating Gear e.t.c all in one site! BoatPickers have changed all that…

Unlike other Boating Classifieds…You don’t Pay for leads or Pay Seller Fees or Subscription Fees on BoatPickers… Simply Post your Ad, share it around on Social Media and Sell your Items, Products or Services.

You have total control where you direct people, either to your phone number, e-mail or website. It’s as straight forward as you could hope for in an online advertising platform.

How do BoatPickers make Money if it’s Free to Advertise?
There are no hidden catches or agendas! Post as many free ads as you like, actually, we encourage it…

If you want a bit extra from your Ads, like more Images or Video, BoatPickers gives you choices through buying Featured Listings or adding more images or video to free Ads. If you have a Trade or Service, you can also post 3 Month, 6 Month or 12 Month Featured Ads for a small fee.

BoatPickers is designed to elevate business…not cripple it with ridiculously expensive rates.

You will be amazed at what you can Advertise on BoatPickers…
BoatPickers not only covers Boat BUY – SELL – SWAP – HIRE – WANTED  – FREE TO GOOD HOME & AUCTION, it also covers Marine Trades & Services, Chandlery, Events, Jobs, Boat Trailers, Fishing Gear & Services, Marine Electronics, Travel & Accommodation, Insurance & Finance, Motors, Online Services, Social Media Pages & Groups and many, many, many more. Check it out for yourself and spread the word….

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If you would like to know more – the Blog Explaining everything about BoatPickers can be found here

We welcome you to BoatPickers… start posting your Ads today!

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